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December 16, 2012
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~Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go~

The sandy blond laid in the bed looking up at the ceiling with disgust.  The person at the door kept hitting that damn little doorbell button and would not leave!  It had been going on for at least ten minutes!  What kind of person would do this on a Saturday?  The day he finally had off from meetings or any other tedious trials in life.  

That person out there really laid on the doorbell now.  Tossing the plush red and blue covers off himself and onto the floor, he pulled himself out of the bed.  Adjusting himself in certain places he cursed the world and the person that disturbed him.  They better not bring him the good word or someone above better help them.  And screw them he wasn't about to put pants on.  His boxers with little hamburgers on them would be good enough!  Grabbing his glasses off the nightstand he started to the door.

"What!?" He yanked the door open to his home, surprised that no one was there.  Of course they would leave once he got up, that's how it always worked.  Saying a few blasphemous words he went to shut the door but something caught his eyes.  The small shine of (h/c) hair in the bright morning sun light.  He cocked his head to the side at the curious little sight in front of him.  It was a girl with big (e/c) eyes staring at him.   She hung on tight to a purple book bag in front of her.  

"Here," she whispered and held a folded note to the shocked American.  

Dear Alfred,
You probably don't remember me, after all it was almost five years ago.  I was one of the waitresses at the meeting in Toronto.  I won't go into detail on what is happening with me, but I'm sick.  And I won't be getting any better.  This is our daughter (f/n).  There isn't anyone else to take care of her.  Can you please watch her and make sure you give her the best life possible.

"Daughter?" He looked down at the little girl who now was staring at her pink sneakers.  He crinkled the note in his hand in frustration.  

Was this even possible?  He was in Toronto about five years ago.  And there was that one waitress.  She was pretty with long glossy brown hair going down her back and big green eyes.  But it was one night! Well, multiple times in that one night.  But how could this happen?  He was the United States of America!  The damn hero and all that jazz; he wasn't a father, daddy, or Papa.  

Sure he had 'raised' his states and such.  But then again he never raised them hands on!  And look at some of them.  A few of the states where shoot-'um-up and death penalty loons.  Then you had the peace loving and let's-hug-our-problems away freaks.  And let's not forget the ones that wanted to break away awhile back.  So maybe his fatherly influence wasn't in great supply with those ones.

He uncrumpled the note and read it again.  No name on the bottom.  That waitress probably thought he would at least have the decency to remember her name and he didn't.  

"Are you shy or something?"  His asked the mute girl that shot her head up.  On the rims of her eyes were tears that wanted to break through.  She shook her head and caused her hair to sway side to side.  

"I wanna go home!"  She started to cry and dropped to the grey stone steps.  "I miss my Mommy!"

"Oh crap!  Don't cry…" he scanned the paper for her name.  "(f/n)!  Don't cry (f/n)!"

"What's your name?"  She wiped the tears from her cheeks.  

"Alfred," he bit the inside of his cheek.  He wondered if he should tell her that he was in fact her father.  

"Alfred F. Jones?"  Her eyes lit up a little at his statement.  "You're my Daddy!"

Guess the cat was out of the bag.  "That's me."  

So enter the stupor that Mr. America was about to go into.  Walking to the couch, he dropped down into the soft cushions.  (f/n) let herself in and shut the door that Alfred had left opened.  He stared off into space as nothingness blew threw his mind.  What was he going to do with a child?  He had things to do!  Like video games, scary movies, and annoying England!  How in the wide world of hamburgers was he going to do that with a kid in toe?

"I'm glad I finally get to meet you," she smiled pulling herself onto the couch.  She snuggled into his side.   "Mommy said we can be a family."

He glanced down at the tiny figure that clung to his side.  He knew he had to do something.  And the first was going to be calling someone who had some prior knowledge on children. Granted he wasn't that great…okay he sucked.  But maybe a little help from that person wouldn't be that bad.  Just do the opposite of everything England said. That's a plan!

To be continued!
This is a request for :iconjessie1209:! Enjoy!!

Sorry if it had a Big Daddy feel to it....It's one of those stories I've got to make into a lil' series...wait for the fluff to kill ya! And yeah I didn't make her super shy...yet! Now on to the other requests!

And as always I don't own Hetalia and sorry for spelling/grammar! Find a typo? Misspelled words or something silly? Please, kindly, tell me. I try my best to improve my grammar and spelling on these things, but like anyone I miss somethings. part two
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